Anatomical Chart Books
rap-rev1.jpg (14011 bytes) Rapid Review Reference Guide
Prepare for that upcoming test with this unique book that covers the major systems, organs and structure of the body.  Pages are filled with highly accurate full-color illustrations, but what makes this guide unique are the clear acetate overlays that label everything.  Flip up the overlay, taking away the labels, for self testing and memorization.  (see above picture).  Flip them back down to see if you've learned your lessons well.  28 sections feature both anatomical and physiological concepts commonly taught in the classroom, including basic facts, locations, histology, key terminology and structure identification.  Designed for high school and college level students.  8 1/2" x 11"  Spiral bound.
  No. BSH90-RR.  Only $39.95
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Charts from Anatomical Chart Series (below) Overlays from  Rapid Review (above)
The Anatomical Chart Series
Explore the human body with your personal collection of anatomical charts. This classic library edition contains 48 easy to understand anatomical charts, cleverly organized in a handy desk size book.  Bound and protected with heavy blue Leatherette cover. Pop open the hidden easel, then flip charts for individual viewing. Then fold flat to store.   Large 11" x 14" charts are printed in full color and feature authentic medical terminology and visually stunning graphic design.
  No. BSH90-AC.  $49.95 
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best.gif (43110 bytes) The World's Best Anatomical Charts
Explore the human body and discover how your heart beats, bones moves and muscles bend using this affordable collection of medical school quality anatomical charts in a soft cover book.  Flip through page after page of  full color charts printed on heavy paper in a handy desk size format. 37 charts in all.  Three sections covering:   the systems of the body; structures and organs; and diseases and disorders.   Innovative tear out design.  Pages are perforated for quick and easy removal. Size 11" x 14"
  No. BSH90-WB.  Only $18.95



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