Plant Kingdom Poster

   The many changes in the Animal Kingdom have had no ipact on the Plant Kingdom. Classification has been very stable. Linnaeus is still king.  There are 44 animal clades, but only 10 divisions of living plants. The need for less text provided the opportunity to present many images of representational species, all custom prepared by a leading botanical illustrator. Both posters are great for life science classes but the non-technical presentation makes them popular with many plant lovers.
Standard poster is large 24" x 36" size that fits standard frames.  Printed on heavy, acid-free paper using non-fade inks, then coated to provide satin finish and provide protection from scratching.  Laminated poster is completely encapsulated in heavy 3 mil plastic for long life.
Standard Poster: No. GS410-PKS Only $9.95
Laminated Poster: No. GS410-PKL Only $14.95