The Extremities Anatomical Charts

All charts feature flexible lamination and have metal eyelets in top corners.

All Anatomical Charts are $18.70 each

Charts of extremities are extremely informative Get hip with this anatomy teaching aid
Shoulder & Elbow
  No. GH220-AA.
Hip and Knee
  No. GH220-BA.
Old chart worn out? Order yourself some new feet Anatomy of the human hand and wrist depicted
Foot and Ankle
  No. GH220-CA.
Hand and Wrist
  No. GH220-DA.
Anatomical chart of the ligaments of the human body Great for explaining injuries to patients
Ligaments of the Joints
 No.  GH220-HA
Knee Injuries
  No. GH220-JA
Informative chart is useful for teaching patients, students Explains arthritis and its effect on joints
Hip & Knee Inflammation
  No. GH220-KA.
Arthritis Joint
  No. GH220-MA
Visually stimulating chart explores TMJ  
TM Joint
  No. GH220-RA



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