Bird Posters
     We are proud to present a fine selection of educational posters that explores the birds of the world.  You'll find shore birds, such as the heron, pelican, crane, sea gull, and flamingo; tropical birds, such as parrots; mallard, wood, pintail and many other ducks.  Plus we have bird posters that show those that live in the field, garden, mountains and back yard.  These include the popular robin, blue jay, chickadee, cardinal and red-winged black birds. We even have a poster showing the penguins of the world.   The Cock and Hen poster explores bird anatomy.  This is topped off by four magnificent reproductions of American birds from James Audubon's famous "Elephant  Book."  Plus, the only known poster that shows the bats of the world.  All identify the species and are great for home, office or classroom.  Enjoy them with your hobby, use them for decor or instruction.
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