Earthrise Poster

   This dramatic view of the Earth rising over the horizon of the Moon was captured in 1969 by the crew of Apollo 8.  Superimposed over the barren lunar surface is an inspirational quote from Josiah Gilbert Holland: "Heaven is not reached in a single bound: But we build the ladder by which we rise; From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies; And we mount its summit round by round."   It was written over 150 years ago.
   Standard poster is large 24" x 36" size that fits standard frames.  Printed on heavy, acid-free
paper using non-fade inks, then coated to provide satin finish and provide protection from UV rays and scratching.  Laminated poster is standard poster encapsulated in 3 mil plastic.
No. GU310-ERS.  Only $9.95
  No. GU310-ERL.  Only $14.95

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